Note Bulljive


  • Game #4 is going to tip in a mere few hours, with the Chicago Bulls hosting on the NY Knickerbockers at 7PM CST on TNT. (They know drama.) The Knicks lost out on LeBron in the summer and picked up Amar’e Stoudemire as a sort of consolation prize (not that that sounds familiar at all). Seeing as how they lost David Lee to Golden State, the signing of Amar’e is a little better than a push. They also added Raymond Felton, a nice and underwhelming guard from the Charlotte Bobcats. The Bulls are favored by seven points in this contest. With their sporadic offense and ability to happily turn the ball over, I could see them winning or losing by seven or twenty. However, the wild card that is the Bulls should be fun to watch.
  • Carlos Boozer removed his cast yesterday, to reveal that a hand was growing

    "To beat me, he will have to kill me."

     underneath. Since his hand was lonely without the cast, doctors threw a splint on it. Said The Beard, “I got cleared to do a lot of running. I can’t dribble, catch, shoot [or] carry anything yet, but those days are soon coming up on me, so I’m looking forward to it.” I kind of picture a Rocky IV type of montage of Boozer running all over Russia. At time of post, there is still no date set for Boozer to return to the lineup.

  • If you have not heard, brace yourself: Derrick Rose overslept and missed a shooting of The Good Wife that he was going to have a cameo in. A couple questions popped up when I heard this. First, what the hell is The Good Wife? I refuse to even waste time looking it up and will just assume it is about a wife who gets beat, but stands by her man. Second, why on Earth would any show want Derrick Rose to act? I am a huge Rose fan, but unless his job is to take a jumper, smile and wink, I do not want him acting.
  • Key of the Night – The Knicks’ single greatest threat is going to be the aforementioned Amar’e Stoudemire. He will presumably be starting against Taj Gibson. Thus far, Taj has looked good, while on the court. And that is the problem – to say Gibson has been foul prone in the first three games would be a gross understatement. Taj needs to play Amar’e hard, but not pick up two quick fouls in the first seven minutes and get subbed out. In general, the Bulls need to foul a lot less and, of course, limit their #%*$ing turnovers!

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Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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One Response to Note Bulljive

  1. djhatesyou says:

    So “overslept” is what he’s going with? Almost makes Doug Collins’ “vertigo” illness (aka alcoholism) sound plausible.

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