Note Bulljive

Have we hit the three-game mark in the season already? Why yes, we sure have. Have we learned anything? As Jonathan said, “Much.”

  • It has come as no surprise that without the presence of Carlos Boozer, the Chicago Bulls offense is going to be sporadic, to be kind. The first two games saw the offense ebb and flow directly with Derrick Rose’s play. Luol Deng had a huge game last night, as the Trail Blazers decided early on that they were going to focus squarely on Rose (I would have done the same). The true test will be when the opponent’s d focuses on Rose and Deng is not hitting. Deng and Rose are the only two players on this Booze-less team who can carry this team offensively. If Rose is getting shutdown and Deng is not hitting, it is going to take a complete team effort to pull out a win. Thus far, the evidence points to that being a problem…
  • The Bulls offseason signings have been in a word, disappointing. And that is even when you look past Boozer’s hand. Ronnie Brewer looks slow and his jumper – which we knew was not mouthwatering – has been woeful. We can only hope that he is still recovering from injury and will make a full and quick comeback. Kyle Korver is slow and cannot come close to creating his own shot, yet I think this has more with him fulfilling a white stereotype than nursing an injury. Oh yeah, and he cannot play defense. CJ Watson has been erratic, ranging from JV material to serviceable. Brian Scalabrine has not looked as bad as expected, but that is hardly a compliment. Keith Bogans has held his own and was never suppose to be the starting shooting guard. Good job, Keith. Kurt Thomas looks as old as he is in reality, 102. Omer Asik has shown some signs of potential, but he was a draft pick from a few years ago and not really a new signing. For a team that was suppose to be revamped with new players this season, the returning players have been carrying the load with little help.
  • LaMarcus Aldridge threw down 33 points to go with 9 rebounds against the Bulls last night, and I am sure more fans than just DJ HatesYou started thinking what could have been. For those of you unfamiliar with the scenario from days of yore, Aldridge was a Bull for a fraction of a nano second in the 2006 NBA Draft. After being drafted, the Bulls turned around and traded for fellow draftee Tyrus Thomas. For those of you unfamiliar with the Tyrus Thomas Project, please reference The Bay of Pigs (which, it turns out was just a long and costly metaphor for the future career of Tyrus Thomas). What should be gathered from all of this daydreaming of Aldridge or Melo (when the Bulls play the Nuggets at the end of the month) is that the scenario of the Bulls having these players is some kind of parallel universe where many factors are different. For instance, it is highly unlikely that the Bulls would have Derrick Rose right now if they kept Aldridge. In fact, maybe Derrick Rose would have never been born and the Nazis would have won the war. What I am trying to say is be thankful for your freedom!
  • Bad Number, Bad: The Bulls have continued their willingness to turnover the ball, averaging just under 15/game. Love thy ball, Bulls!
  • I leave you with Derrick Rose gracing the cover of SLAM, with a none-too-subtle reference to No Bulljive. And check out those glowing tats! Did they retrace all of his tattoos with shoe polish for the shoot?

Excalibur Casino odds for the Chicago Bulls to win the 2011 NBA Championship: 6-1

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