Game #3: Portland Trailblazers 98 – Chicago Bulls 110

Drink: Block No 45 Pinot Noir

The Bulls posted a strong effort at home against Portland in this one, and made it look easy. If you weren’t a Bulls fan, you probably thought it was the Blazers (especially Brandon Roy) looking awful, but there were many charming moments in this heart warming tale of a down-on-his-luck Turk trying to find his way in the NBA.

Gibson had some foul trouble early on, which might have caused some problems if Luol Deng didn’t have the exact kind of performance that would keep me from hating him. Throughout the first half, the only thing missing on Deng was a cape, as he opened up 5/5 from the field. When Deng exited the game or the Bulls lapsed enough to allow the Blazers to put something together, the pick me up always came. At one point it looked like the situation would turn desperate, and the Bulls floor featured Asik, Korver, Noah, Brewer, and Watson, not exactly a murderer’s row capable of holding off a comeback. Right at that exact moment the whistle blew and in to the rescue came Noah and *cringe* Scalabrine.

Unbelievably, Scalabrine did not immediately seek out the ball with two hands, grab it and run off into lot F and start eating paste, but actually did some useful things. This continued into the second half as well, and a twisting acrobatic magical pirouette was the icing on the cake.*

The worst part of the game was seeing should-be-Bull Aldridge light it up all game, and wonder out of which dumpster Tyrus Thomas is digging up his latest meal. Coming a close second was running out of wine in the third quarter.

Some side notes, Asik can play some defense, the Jomer isn’t so terrible when it’s working, and the Blazers aren’t exactly an old man Celtics type team. Rose had some incredible athletic displays worked into this game as well, and makes you wonder what kind of game he’ll have when everything is working like it was for Deng tonight.

Rudy Fernandez straight up sucks.

The crowd was pure Chicago, and despite the large lead at the close of the game, most of the fans stayed. Compare that to the Heat’s home opener in Miami. If you didn’t see the end of that game, let’s just say it would make a September Pirates game look like a complete mad-house.

As Bulls wins go, this one rates a solid 8 out of 10, and was well served with a light, crisp cherry flavored Pinot.

*”twisting acrobatic magical pirouette” = Brian Scalabrine spinning a full 16 degrees in mid air before shooting a layup.

Two Fists For Two Words!

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2 Responses to Game #3: Portland Trailblazers 98 – Chicago Bulls 110

  1. joelseppi says:

    You ran out of wine? I would hope that you switched to whiskey and then had to watch the game a second time.

    Was it just me, or did it seem like the Bulls were in trouble when the Jail Blazers 2nd team cut the lead to 9 with 3 minutes left? I think we caught a break when they didn’t put Roy and Aldridge in to try to finish the deal.

    ps-I hope Korver can start gettin’ his fine self open for D-Rose kick-outs.

  2. Judas Pato says:

    That second team moment was rather bizarre. I think the Bulls just lacked motivation.

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