Game #2: Detroit Pistons 91 – Chicago Bulls 101

Drink: UC House Merlot

The game started out thus: bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. The first half was hardly watchable. The Chicago Bulls lingered around near a 20 point deficit as the first wore on and did not kick it through it in the third quarter. Yet, a strange thing happened in the fourth: the Pistons refused to hit any of their shots and the Bulls decided to come back and win.

The Good

  • Derrick Rose had gaudy numbers: 39 point, 7 assists, and 6 rebounds, and was able to knock down clutch shots down the stretch.
  • My favorite projects, Omer Asik and James Johnson, put in solid time and were effective.

The Bad

  • The Bulls trailed most of the game against the Detroit Pistons.
  • I am really beginning to question Thibodeau’s choices. Through two games, he has played some questionable line-ups. Additionally, Scalabrine has gotten more than a fraction of a second of playing time, i.e. way too much.
  • Beth is an amazing photographer.

The Ugly

  • The UC was not sold out. I know that it was Halloween weekend and a whole lot was going on, but the Bulls did not sell out their opener. Plain sad.
  • Two games and Deng has shown nothing. I do not want to go into this too much because it is sad. Without Boozer, Deng is absolutely key to this team winning, yet played only 26 minutes.
  • The refs are still not too fond of the Bulls, even if they are the home team.
  • Michael Rapaport played 20+ minutes.

I accepted the fact that the Bulls were going to battle without Carols Boozer. I also reasoned that they would show some more fight than they did tonight. No bueno.

It was brought to my attention that NB photographer, Beth Anne had never seen the Charlie Murphy Prince skit. That is enough of an excuse to share it with you all:

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