Note Bulljive

  • The Chicago Bulls laid down a 109-90 thumping on the hapless Toronto Raptors last night. Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, and Luol Deng all played over 30 minutes and they had stats that reflected such court time. The Bulls absolutely dominated the boards, out rebounding the Raptors 44-22 (it was almost as if Toronto were missing their top big man from last year). Noah single-handedly out rebounded the Raptors’ entire starting line-up, 14-8. It was a good old fashioned beat down and brought the Bulls to an even 2-2 record for the preseason. Although improving, the Bulls still committed 17 turnovers, a number they need to limit in order to find consistent success. On the plus side, the Bulls offense looked much improved and two Bulls newcomers made their debuts, coming back from minor injuries. Ronnie Brewer played 10 minutes and looked hesitant coming back from his injury. While CJ Watson played more minutes (19) and looked like a decent offensive threat. Next up for the Bulls is the Dallas Mavericks on Friday.
  • Jomer was in action again last night. Noah moved over to power forward, while Omer Asik* played center during stretches of the game. The first opportunity came late in the first, when Taj Gibson was subbed out for Asik, and Jomer was formed. For the second straight game, the Turk put up some decent stats. Omer logged nine points, eight rebounds, and three blocks, while turning it over only twice in 20 minutes. It is still hard to believe Sloth will have any significant time in the regular season, especially when you take into account that his career free throw percentage in Europe was in the 30% range. Yet, it still has proven to be the most interesting story of the preseason.


Someone is excited about Chicago's new Jomer craze!


  • Three Point Fever Update! It has been only four preseason games, but I thought we would follow our three players with the fever. Derrick Rose: 1-8 (13%), Luol Deng: 6-13 (47%), Taj Gibson: 0-0 (0%). Stay tuned!
  • Speaking after the fact, Derrick Rose let everyone know that the Noah-Melo trade rumors held no weight. “I knew he really wasn’t going anywhere,” Rose said on ESPN 1000 on Tuesday. Why didn’t he let us know while all of the talk was going on? He could have saved countless media members precious time. Rose continued, “I’m happy [Noah] came back and that the Bulls made the decision to extend his contract. I know the organization and fans are happy.” At the time of post, NB was still trying to reach Rose to figure out where Noah “came back” from.

*NB has now dropped the proper “Ö” and “ş” from Omer Asik’s name from here on forth. No other media outlet has seemed to give a shit and it only presents more work on our part. Therefore, farewell umlaut and cedilla, we shall miss you not.

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