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  • The Beard’s hand ain’t talking, and that is fine because no one is asking. A report came out that the Chicago Bulls were going to launch an investigation into how Carlos Boozer’s hand broke, seemingly not satisfied with the bag-tripping story. The report cleverly put together that the break is commonly referred to as a “boxer’s fracture” and that Boozer has been recently dealing with a divorce and that often leads to punching things like walls and when you box a wall, the wall usually wins. Logic is fun! Yesterday, the Bulls officially denounced the rumor of the investigation, with Tom Thibodeau adding, “It’s a non-issue to us.” Boozer’s hand and gym bag were especially glad of the news and the avoidance of the subsequent interrogations.
  • Trade rumors are a blast. We get to fantasize about all sorts of players donning a Bulls uniform. Remember when Kobe was all but certain to come to Chicago? Man, that was cool. Now Sam Smith is throwing out there that a deal for OJ Mayo to come to the Bulls is a possibility. This is not a trade rumor, but it is enough of a spark to ignite the rumor committee to start a flame. Smith rationalizes that the Grizzlies lack of funds and Mayo’s expiring contract, make dealing him sometime this season a likely possibility. Mayo looks like a solid fit for the Bulls since the off-season produced a shooting guard who can defend, but has little offensive skill (Ronnie Brewer) and a shooting guard who can nail the three, but is rather suspect on defense (Kyle Korver). Enter OJ Mayo, and you have a shooting guard who is just right.
  • Speaking of shooting guards, Ronnie Brewer returned to full practice on Monday and is expected to play his first preseason game tonight, when the Bulls take on the Raptors in Toronto. With Brewer back, the Bulls should be able to put together what will be their probable starting line-up for their opening game on October 27th. With Boozer’s absence, that line-up should look a little something like this: PG – Derrick Rose, SG – Ronnie Brewer, SF – Luol Deng, PF – Taj Gibson, C – Joakim Noah. So, for all of their wheeling and dealing in the summer, the line-up for Opening Day 2010 will have one difference (Brewer for Hinrich) than the last game they played in the 2009-2010 season. Go defense!

Aria Casino odds for the Chicago Bulls to win the 2011 NBA Championship: 6-1

UPDATEVILLE: After practice today, Carlos Boozer weighed in on the report about the supposed investigation. It is still not entirely clear what the injured forward’s views are on the report. “The guy was trying to create a story out of no-story,” Boozer said. “Horrible [report]. Obviously, you want to get your facts right before you decide to write something that’s not true. Horrible report. My Bulls are behind me, my teammates are behind me. For me, it’s disgusting when you have a reporter write something that’s not true.”

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