Note Bulljive

  • The Bulls won their first game of the preseason last night, 107-96 against the Washington Wizards. Each game has been better than the last for the Bulls in this preseason. Their opener against the Bucks was typically sloppy, as the two teams tried to shake off the cobwebs. The next game versus the Mavs saw the Bulls put in an improved effort in a game that the Bulls should have won, but Dallas was hell-bent on not dropping their first two at home (keeping in some of their starters in the 4th against the Bulls reserves). Last night, the Bulls gelled more, focused on the boards, and pulled out the victory in front of 20K+ at the UC. Obviously they were not without their problems. First and foremost is the turnover issue. The Bulls committed 24 turnovers, five of which came from the hands of Ömer Aşik. The Bulls are still without CJ Watson and Ronnie Brewer (both nursing minor injuries), not to mention Carlos Boozer. Logging time in the absence of the two guards was Kyle Weaver, who played 17 minutes. The young guard, who played the last two seasons with OKC, is looking likely to will fill out a roster spot for the regular season.
  • Jomer never says die!

    Last night was the introduction of an experiment that Tom Thibodeau has hatched in response to Carlos Boozer going down. For some of the game against the Wiz, Joakim Noah moved over to power forward while Ömer Aşik played center. The pair combined for 21 points and 21 rebounds. Yet, Aşik is still a work in progress, having turned over the ball too many times and having the grace of Sloth from Goonies. On the flipside, Luol Deng said, “Ömer can play, man.” Thanks, Deng. The pair has been donned Jomer (pronounced Joh-Mair), but will most likely be called the Twin Towers because that is a generic name the media likes to give any two big men playing together. (Let’s just be grateful that the Bulls are probably too old to be called the Cardiac Kids.) Regardless, due to the Turk’s raw play, the combo will not see too much time together in the regular season, unless the Bulls are meant by an opponent with a very large front court (like the Undertaker and Andre the Giant – I hate those guys).

  • Kirk Hinrich made his glorious return to the United Center last night. Kirk described the experience as, “A little weird.” Deep. Hinrich’s four points in 28 minutes of play made him easy to miss.

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  1. Brian says:

    To be fair, Sloth was able to swing on ropes like a pirate and fend off that traitor from the Matrix and a Bond villain. He may not be a ballerina, but he’s got enough grace to kick ass.

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