Note Bulljive

  • Here at NBHQ, the excitement over The Beard’s broken “hand” has died considerably in the last few days. What started as the possibility of a new mechanical, Skywalker-esque hand has turned into a less-than-thrilling surgically repaired pinkie finger? As the video and ensuing article on clearly illustrate, Boozer broke his hand (more specifically, a bone below his index finger), then had surgery on his right pinkie. Hm. Let us simply hope this is all a ploy to lull the enemy into a false sense of security, before The Beard busts onto the floor in their opener against OKC.
  • Worry not, Bulls fan, there is more injury fun on the team. Ronnie Brewer has a sore right hamstring (a muscle problem that is anything but new to the shooting guard) and will not play against Dallas in tomorrow’s preseason game. Taj Gibson experienced some back spasms (if you have never had one, run out and get one now – they are a blast) in yesterday’s game, but is expected to play against Dirk and the Mavs. And Derrick Rose had cute little black sleeves on his right pinkie (maybe a sympathy sleeve?) and index fingers, but is not expected to miss any time.
  • Speaking of preseason action, the Bulls had their first game yesterday against the Milwaukee Bucks. It was largely a routine affair, with playing time spread around and sloppier play than normal. The Bulls take on the aforementioned Dallas Mavericks tomorrow on the road, then head back to Chicago to face the Washington Wizards on Friday.
  • A report that was recently released found what most Bulls and Blackhawk fans have (for years) suspected was probably true. Yes, the area around the United Center is the most dangerous place in the United States of America (which means it would be the safest place in many third world countries). Anytime you park your car, get out, and promptly have a local youth offer to “watch your car” in exchange for a little dough, you know you are not in Bel Air.
  • Word around the campfire (or coachfire) is that everyone’s favorite Turk, Ömer Aşık is going to see significant preseason minutes! Tom Thibodeau is looking to get creative with the temporary loss of Boozer. One such crazy thought is to pair the Turkish wonder with Noah on the court, with the latter playing power forward. “Any time you have two seven-footers it gives you an opportunity to shut the lane down,” the mad scientist cackled. It has been said, or rather drilled in our heads, that Thibodeau is a defense-minded coach, but this is a tad ridiculous. When Noah will be carrying the burden (by far) of your front court offense, it may be time to rethink the experiment. In which I mean (sorry Norman Osborn), it may be best to take it back to formula.
  • Time for Note Bulljive Full Circle! I am perplexed that Boozer somehow avoided a fishing injury:

Coaches Corner Sports odds for the Chicago Bulls to win the 2011 NBA Championship: 25-1

Ed. Note: Online books normally have better odds than casino books. You only have to sell your soul to them in order to cash in.

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2 Responses to Note Bulljive

  1. goodluckjanine says:

    I was just wondering the odds of the Bulls winning a championship?? Two articles in a row with no odds. I am very disappointed.

  2. djhatesyou says:

    Two big slow seven footers to shut down the lane? Sure thing defensive minded coach!

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