Hello Media Day, It’s Your Uncle Bingo

As it does every fall, Media Day has come and gone. Yesterday, the Berto Center was filled up with reporters asking loaded questions and Chicago Bulls players largely giving vague answers. Whether the Berto Center or some other haunt, Media Day is a tepid tradition for every NBA franchise. Through the crap, there were some decent, funny, and eyebrow-raising statements.


Who looks like more of a genie, Noah or Boozer?

Logically, when talking Bulls and players saying something interesting, one should start with Joakim Noah. This case is no different. Fielding a question regarding the summer being frustrating for the Bulls center having to deal with all of the trade rumors, Noah emphatically responded, “Frustrating! No way it was frustrating. I had the time of my life. I went to Hawaii, went to West Africa, went to Cameroon. I have a house there. I got to see my grandparents in Sweden. I went to Las Vegas, New York City. Then I came back to work out here. I met the president. I went to Barack Obama’s birthday party. I had a great summer.” Noah also just returned from Paris, where his father played a concert at the Stade de France. Noah added a little trivia for the press, “I’m sure this is something that most of you are not familiar with, but it is where France won the World Cup.” Thanks Noah. The big man then assured everyone that his foot problems are behind him and he is preventing anymore flare-ups by wearing a different pair of sneakers. Huh.

Luol Deng, at the center of even more trade rumors, had fun with the trade questions as well. “The funniest thing is the first day I got drafted I was picked by Phoenix and already been traded,” the Bulls small forward said with a smile on his face. “Ever since, it hasn’t stopped.”

Derrick Rose caught some off-guard when he had a question of his own. “Why can’t I be the MVP of the league?” the Bulls point guard asked. “Why can’t I be the best player in the league? I don’t see why [not]? Why can’t I do that? I think I work hard. I think I dedicate myself to the game and sacrifice a lot of things at a young age and I know if I continue to do good what I can get out of it. If that’s me going now and doing whatever I’m willing to do it because I know in the long run it’s going to help me.” Not sure how to the play the game with the tables reserved, the press did not offer him any answers.

There were a ton of mindless Miami Heat questions. The summation of the answers is that the Heat are a talented team and the players cannot wait to play them. How very nice and bland.

The whole session was wrapped up with a phonetics lesson by Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau. Coach wanted everyone to know that it is pronounced thib-bo-DOUGH. Apparently, many people are dropping the “h.” Sure thing, Tibs.

The best part about Media Day is that it kicks off the new season. With Media Day’s passing comes the beginning of training camp and then preseason games. After that is the opening game of season on October 27th in Oklahoma City, less than a month away. The road to the seventh title has begun!

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Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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