Note Bulljive

  • I think this is the most truthful article that has come out on the Melo trade yet! And, with it, now marks that every news source has weighed in on the issue. I have not checked, but I am assuming Mother Jones and Infowars have already done extensive articles.
  • did up a very happy article about the Jazz-connection on the Chicago Bulls (that everyone else realized months ago). The cutting-edge journalism paints the Bulls as a happy-go-lucky bunch who invent new types of smiles on children’s face when they are not preparing to dominate the game of basketball. “Targeted from day one of the just concluded free agency sweepstakes, Bulls fans will soon see power forward Carlos Austin Boozer Jr. running…” Yep, for those of you who paid no attention in July, Boozer was Plan A, B, & C for the Bulls. Good enough, let’s move on, “A couple of days prior to Boozer’s official introduction, Rose was elated when asked about the Bulls latest addition.” Derrick Rose elated? Now I have never seen Rose on mushrooms, but his emotions off the court usually range from content to a little less or more than content (reference the next section). The rest of the article sums up how Ronnie Brewer and Kyle Korver were the Bulls second and third choices in free agency, followed by JJ Reddick, then LeBron and Bosh – a distant fifth and sixth.
  • A new, extremely fired-up Derrick Rose (sporting a messy whale-tail polo collar) interview!!! Asked to comment on LeBron James and the possibility of going to the Bulls, Rose opened his mouth and inserted foot. “I think that he made the right decision. He wanted to go somewhere where he wanted to win and uh…” trail off, trail off, trail off, please trail off and change the subject! Whether he meant it or not, Rose effectively said that the Heat were the better option for winning. That is not exactly the vote of confidence Bulls fans are looking for. The next question releases an odd outburst of laughter from Rose. NB is attempting to find what that was all about.
  • Inspired by the last Michael Rapaport film (whenever the hell that was), the Bulls signed veteran bigman Brian Scalabrine to a non-guaranteed contract. Rapaport is following Tom Thibodeau from the Celtics, where the two were the catalysts behind the 2008 NBA Championship. If Michael makes the team, you can bet your bottom dollar that the UC can expect some Clarence and Alabama Worley sightings!
  • And finally, a neat little article about Air Jordans by Kelly Dwyer. The featured shoe in the post my sister and I co-owned after the next model came out. Yeah, I was pretty cool. I can very much relate with Dwyer on not at all understanding how much $150 was, other that it was a lot. My older brother’s friend (Steven Charles Behl) bought a pair while I was with them once and I just figured he was a drug dealer at the time.

Nevada Landing odds for the Chicago Bulls to win the 2011 NBA Championship: 0-0

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Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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