Note Bulljive

  • The above is video evidence that the Chicago Bulls are going to have some serious match-up problems down-low unless something is fixed, quick. Granted, the Bulls only play the Golden State Warriors twice in the season and a Bulls-Warriors Finals is unlikely, but they will play centers and power forwards even more talented than David Lee. Take the first play, for instance. Taj Gibson has him bodied-up, then just gives away the baseline for an easy reverse (and despite what David Lee says, I really do not believe it is his moves, rather the lack of defense). Boozer and Noah look just as clueless in the pursuing plays. I will give Deng a break, seeing as how he is left in the post as a last ditch effort to stop Lee. This begs the question: where were Boozer and Noah on that play anyway? The only two answers I can think of are: a fast break led by Lee (?!) or a complete breakdown of the defense. The latter seems much more likely. Hopefully, Tom “defensive genius” Thibodeau is up to the task of straightening out these problems, or it is going to be a long season in Chicago.
  • Carlos “The Beard” Boozer recently took some time to discuss his facial hair artistry. It must be a relief to his wallet that he sports the clean shaven dome. Who knows if the man would have time to go to practice if he had to manicure a fade. I must say that I agree with him in giving props to Baron Davis for his lumberjack mane.
  • Henry Abbott of TrueHoop recently took a moment to neatly weigh-in on a deal involving Noah and Carmelo Anthony. I still think it is not a wise move to pull the trigger on that one. Plus, Pippen is in the same boat as NB. Then add to it that it is believed the Bulls would need to give up Noah and Deng, it becomes downright silly.

Sunset Station odds on the Chicago Bulls winning the 2011 NBA Championship: 14-1

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