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  • Another knockout round game for Team USA yesterday, another victory. The US had their normal uninspired first quarter and then pulled away in the second and third. Carried by Kevin Durrant’s 33 points, the rest of the team played the role of a supporting cast. Derrick Rose put up a particularly pedestrian effort. Playing 35 of the 40 minutes, Rose put up staggering numbers like six points, three assists, and two rebounds, despite being the main point guard and setting up the half court offense (as point guards are prone to do). Next up for the US is a Semi Final date with Lithuania tomorrow (ESPN Classic, 11AM CST, HD replay on ESPN2 12:30AM CST). The US will be heavy favorites once again. Look for another anemic first quarter and a few runs, beforeTeam USA is off to the Final.
  • For the first time on American television, one Mr. Ömer Aşik will light up the television set as he features for Turkey tomorrow (ESPN Classic, 1:30PM CST)! The Chicago Bulls rookie will be battling against Serbia for the right to face Team USA in the Final (presumably). See the grace and beauty that is Ömer, if for nothing else, so you can sit your grandchildren on your knee and regale them with stories of the mighty Turk laying Serbia to waste.
  • Former Bull, Adrian Griffin is now an assistant coach for the Chicago Bulls. Seeing as how he became very acclimated with the bench as a player, Griffin was a natural fit as a coach. The only key difference is now he will not have to be pestered with entering the game and playing a little defense as he waddles up and down the court.
  • As the dust settles from the unfounded rumors of a Melo-to-Chicago deal, the media is coming to their senses. All of it is nicely wrapped up by a post from Sam Smith, the Chicago Bulls official website blogger. Anytime some crazy story involving the Bulls comes along, Smith is usually there to take all the fun out of it and provide a reality check. Smith sums up the latest retardation of rumors as (more/less) dumb.

Buck up Melo, it just wasn't meant to be.

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Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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