Official! Bulls! Melo!

No Bulljive can officially report that many secret sources have infiltrated the Carmelo Anthony trade talks. A story that started off on JerseyChaser has now ballooned onto the pages of ESPN, Yahoo! Sports, and other major sports outlets. Yahoo! Sports even found “an NBA source with knowledge of Anthony’s wishes” who confirmed that the Nuggets’ star small forward has the Bulls and Knicks on the top of his list. That’s juicy, junoir, real juicy. 

Not to be outdone by some upstart like Yahoo!, NB is not only familiar with the player’s wishes, but has obtained the actual wish list! Behold:

Unfortunately, it is not only up to Melo to decide where he goes (if he goes anywhere at all). ESPN cites a “league source” that (I am presuming a league robot and not a person) says the Bulls want Deng to be the center piece of the trade, while the Nuggets want Noah. Luol’s enormous, vomit-inducing contract makes any trade involving him difiicult. Meanwhile, Noah is in his last guaranteed year of his contract, becoming a restricted free agent next off season. In the eyes of NB, a trade involving Noah would be preposterous. By trading Joakim, the Bulls’ only option down low would be to deny the existence of the center position on the court. Everyone’s favorite Turk and Gymkata are simply not viable starting options at that position. More importantly, by trading Noah the Bulls would be trading the most entertaining player (by far) on the team and 97% of the team’s personality. With 3% personality left, the Bulls would be the most boring title contender this side of San Antonio.

Regardless, rest assured Bulls fan, nothing has happened with Melo. Yet. Stay tuned, for within the hour it is impossible to say which super star will be headed to Chicago next.

Monte Carlo Casino odds for the Chicago Bulls to win the 2010 NBA Championship: 12-1

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2 Responses to Official! Bulls! Melo!

  1. goodluckjanine says:

    I should have put money on the Bulls before this Melo talk. I hope he gets his pony one day.

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