Note Bulljive


  • After systematically removing Angola from the tournament (like any kind of termite or roach), Team USA is on to the next round. Team USA got back on track against the overwhelmed Angolans and looked like team once again. Sure, it was against a side who could not boast a single NBA player, but the US looked crisp and executed that new fangled bounce pass to perfection. Next on the docket, the US faces Mother Russia in the Quarter Finals (ESPN, Thursday, 10AM CST). The US will be heavy favorites, but the Ruskies are no push over. Finishing second in their group, behind hosts Turkey and in front of Greece, the former Soviet Republic smoked New Zealand in the “Eight-Finals” (that is actually what FIBA calls it). They also boast one of the coolest names in the tournament in former Kansas Jayhawk center Sasha Kaun. A victory over this Cold War foe will see Team USA on to the Semis and most likely against the one of the pre-tournament favorites, Argentina. I tried to reach Team USA for comment, but they were too busy training in the snow-covered mountains, while the Pinkos were using the latest in technology to comfortably train indoors.
  • Turkey is rolling right along in FIBA tournament, with no small thanks to one Ömer Aşik of the Chicago Bulls. The bigman from Bursa is throwing down ten points and almost eight rebounds a game. Turkey just got done abusing Slovenia 95-68 in the Quarter Finals to solidify a Semi Final date on Saturday with Serbia (who upset Spain to get there). Turkey will be a favorite heading into the Semi, meaning a Turkey v USA is looking like a probable Final matchup. It would be a nice way for the Bulls new backup bigman to introduce himself to the US audience. This all assuming that the Turk keeps defying the odds and stays healthy another two games. I will try to get the Vegas odds on that and promptly post them.
  • Carmelo Anthony to the Bulls?! has reported, citing “news outlets,” that the Bulls are making a “major play” to trade for the perennial All-Star small forward. It is thought that the Bulls are offering Deng, Gibson, and Johnson (with some draft picks) for Melo. Why those players? Well, because those players would not be greatly missed and the addition of Anthony would make the Bulls a mega-awesome team, which is a whole lot of fun to talk about. Personally, I think the Bulls should try to land Kobe Byrant and Dwight Howard. That would be swell.

Bally’s Casino odds for the Chicago Bulls to win the 2010 NBA Championship: 10-1

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3 Responses to Note Bulljive

  1. Brian says:

    If Angola is the roach, does that make Russia the jerk-off? I’m okay with that logic, as long as the US gets to play god.

  2. djhatesyou says:

    Interestingly enough I was in Sedona this weekend. That fucker from Tool has a wine company or whatever. Either way it led to the scenario where an 80 year old lady asked me if I’d “ever heard of the band “Tool” or “A Perfect Circle”?” I said no out of sheer terror, so I was informed that he’s bringing a lot of “exposure” to the wine industry. A little bit of Satan and his minions power died that day……..

    I love the jerseychaser site how they say they did due diligence on this trade when someone called bullshit. Due diligence being some “trade approver” website. I’m taking the stance right now that Nobulljive will freely spout bullshit trade options as fact without even a shred of due diligence, and will do so with pride.

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