Note Bulljive


  • Team USA finished up group play yesterday with sloppy, uninspired, and knuckle-headed win over Tunisia. If you missed it, you are probably a better person for it. After an impressive 28-point victory over Croatia to open the Championships, Team USA has looked less and less like a cohesive team in each game they have played since. A 35-point win yesterday may look nice on the surface, but Tunisia does not boast a single player in the NBA and most of their players would struggle to make a college roster. Additionally, the starting five played especially sloppy, poor decisions resulted in turnovers and good decisions often lacked the execution behind them. Unfortunately, our beloved Derrick Rose was the epitome of this play. Counting today, the US has three days off to study the basic fundamentals of basketball and practice things like a bounce pass. On Monday the US takes on Angola (10AM CST, ESPN2) in their first knockout round game and their last “warmup” game, before facing the winner of the colossal Greece v Spain game tomorrow.
  • Kneel before Boozer!In a recent interview, Carlos Boozer said he is aiming for a championship with the Bulls and then there was a hush from the crowd. “Did Boozer just say he thinks the Bulls can compete for a championship?!” I am not sure what players are suppose to say in these moments, but it seems like anytime they show confidence, the media thinks they are being a little cocky or unrealistic. They usually react like Boozer said, “Yeah, I think we are going to mow down the competition like General Zod, going 82-0 and sweeping the playoffs. [insert evil laugh]” Too bad Boozer will never say that. Where’s Noah when you need him?
  • Number four NB-ranked Taj Gibson has been working hard this off-season. Gibson dealt with the ever so popular plantar fasciitis last season and has been going through rehab this summer. The Bulls big man has been a regular at the Berto Center, working and learning from new coach Tom Thibodeau. Gibson is looking to add to a great rookie season and become a large presence off the bench.

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