Joakim Golfing Is Exactly What You Thought It Would Look (and sound) Like

The annual charity Chicago Bulls charity golf tournament for charity was held on Monday. While I cannot find any results on who won, I did come across a picture of how totally boss one Joakim Noah is and always will be. Always one for convention, Joakim wore… well, everything that is awesome.

He even conducted an interview, kind of. Warning: If you do not enjoy seeing people who are completely, totally-bro not stoned, please do not click on this link. Seriously, bro, I have never seen anyone more not high and not attempting to suppress giggles than this link. The one right here.

It’s good to see that the Bulls are ready for stuff and, like, other junk. Just in case you are against the interviewing of people not baked out of their gourd, Noah dropped the bomb that was, “There will be a time when, you know, a game will come up, and we will have to play it.” If that does not sum what the NBA season is all about, I don’t know, you know, what really does.

Joakim Noah, you don’t go a changing! We love you, baby!

Palms Casino odds for the Chicago Bulls top win the 2010 NBA Championship: 12-1

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One Response to Joakim Golfing Is Exactly What You Thought It Would Look (and sound) Like

  1. djhatesyou says:

    As fashion consultant, I think I have a breakdown of what this crazy bastard is wearing, fucking J Crew style(with link’s below):

    Le Coq Sportif Tennis Shoes($75.00)

    Argyle Dress Socks from Express($9.50)

    Athletic Capri Pants(presumably Adidas, from Europe)($39.99)

    Tee Shirt A Homeless Man Threw Away($0.00)

    Ray Ban Cockpit’s($139.00)

    Bulls Draft Cap($23.99)

    Fat White Jock-Sniffing Bar Hound Friend($0.00)

    Shoes: (



    Glasses: ({keyword}&kw={keyword})

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