Note Bulljive


  • Derrick Rose is officially a member of Team USA 2010. The 12 man roster was chiseled into the Parthenon and included “D. Rose.” The team was trimmed down from 13 to 12 when Rajon Rondo withdrew from the team. Rondo did not play in Team USA’s win over Spain on Sunday and figured to not be in the plans for the conquest of Turkey. Rondo’s inability to hit from the floor, free throw line, and all around inability to be Derrick Rose are thought to be the main reasons from him moving from the starting point guard to the deep bench. Rondo was at practice on Tuesday at the Acropolis (presumably watching how not-Rose he is), only to meet with the coaching staff afterward and find the cheapest flight back to the US (where he will still be nothing like Derrick Rose).
  • On a side note, Derrick Rose is expected to be the starting point guard for Team USA during the FIBA World Championships in Turkey. He will feature in this morning’s warmup game against Greece.
  • Derrick Rose loves Skittles?! OMG! DRLS! Maybe you were living in a cave last week and did not catch the Earth-shattering headline that Team USA starting point guard, Derrick Rose, received his own custom Skittles machine from the manufacturer. What exactly are the advantages of having your very own Skittles vending machine? If I have to spell it out for you, I am not sure you are even worthy to know, but I will do it anyway: T-A-I-L! If Rose had a problem with the ladies before, fear not, his problems are a thing of the past. Also, check out that wicked inscription on the bottom right. “D. Rose” now adorns a Skittles machine and the Parthenon. What is his moniker going to written across next? Only the sky is the limit! I just hope he is able to focus on basketball with all of this hoopla. This certainly is the most shocking story of its kind since it was found out that Grant Hill drinks Sprite.

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Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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1 Response to Note Bulljive

  1. goodluckjanine says:

    I am not turned on by Skittles, they hurt my teeth. They will hurt his teeth too. In a few years he will be suing Skittles secondary to all of his teeth falling out. A man will not receive tail unless he has teeth.

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