How To Let The Outside World Know The Bulls Are Your Team (2010-2011 Edition)

With little less than two months until take off on this season, the question must be answered: “How do I wear Bulls?” Fear not. No Bulljive head style correspondant DJ Hatesyou has it covered with a guide to Bulls swag!

Tee Shirts: This year’s crop, like the Bulls themselves, is strong indeed. Firstly, the Bulls have come up with an absolutely brilliant solution to the “I Keep Forgetting Who Was the 2009 Rookie of the Year” problem. Never forget with this official t-shirt! No word on if they plan on making shirts for all awards.

Who was the FT% leader in 2007? Oh that's right!

Adidas is also issuing an awesome vintage of the glory days! It didn’t need it, but the shirt has my full support. In this age of vintage being all the cool hip thing to do, it’s never been easier to represent the Bulls properly. Tee shirt wise it’s hard to go wrong this year, save one style of tee (see below.)

Jersey’s: When worn by a male who isn’t being paid to do so, NBA jersey’s can range from looking awful to excruciatingly awful. The NBA recently has tried to circumvent the our-jerseys-look-like-shit-on-our-key-demographic-with-cash-in-their-wallets problem by coming up with these things. This Ben Gordon approach to satisfying the fan desire to support only a particular player and not look like a jackass in a jersey completely falls flat. And as much as we want NBA jerseys to be cool looking on us, the humble fans, we must be strong enough to come to grips with the fact that there’s just no way to squeeze this round peg through a square hole. Unfortunately if you own one of these deficient half breed monstrosities it can only be worn in three places. Your house, the car on the way to the United Center, and the United Center. If you must exit your vehicle en route to the UC to get gas or whatever, put a coat on. (apologies to Judas Pato, who was unfortunately victimized by this) If you want to rep a player, we must stick to the good ol’ fashion tee shirt as of now, but fret not, the choices are getting better every day!

Ladies, however, go nuts and rock whatever player’s jersey floats your boat. You look great!

Headwear: Anyone who likes themselves a good hat knows that the Bulls “official” offerings have been completely abysmal for years. Now since no Bulls fan saw the draft this year, I’m sorry to report that the official was one of those disgusting flat brim deals. So if you’re not twelve years old or Lil’ Jon, rest easy, because the far superior 2009 cap is still available. But in addition to that, the good folks at Adidas have made plenty of new varieties available, and they all look great! It used to be that the “official” licensee could shove whatever piece of shit official hat they wanted down our throats, but it seems capitalism has finally caught up with the NBA and we now have choices aplenty. The Bulls hat is the best medium in which to tell the world that you think the Bulls are going to win 56 this year, and there should be at least one in your arsenal for this season.

Other non-fashionista season essentials include:

A Horn. A vastly underrated way to tell both the Bulls, and their opponents, that they suck while completely disregarding the well-being of everyone around you.

Every NB member has a copy of this close at hand at all times. For a penny, you should have one too.

Just in case the final doesn’t go as planned.

No Bulljive is also sending a gift to Tracy McGrady, compliments of Gohn Paxmon.

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3 Responses to How To Let The Outside World Know The Bulls Are Your Team (2010-2011 Edition)

  1. Brian says:

    What is your stance on Bulls tattoos? Does having a Bulls tattoo give you carte blanche to criticize the team anywhere in Chicago?

  2. djhatesyou says:

    Sports team tattoos, and specifically professional sports team tattoos gives you carte blanche to criticize no one anywhere about anything whatsoever, cause unless it was a horribly drunken mistake, you’re a complete fool that can dish out criticism of nothing.

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