I Sure Could Use a Vacation From This Bulls*#t Three-Ring Circus Sideshow

Teasers aside, the NBA released the full docket of 2010-11 professional basketball contests. Each team was awarded 82 games for being a professional franchise in the league, as tradition dictates (since the 1967-68 season started the kooky fad).  All but two teams were given an even number of home and away games.  And for their sins, Toronto and New Jersey have each been punished with a “home” game in London.  Cheerio.

The Bulls have their familiar Circus Road Trip and its shorter, winter equivalent. This year’s Circus Trip is typically difficult, with the toughest stops being the Lakers, Mavericks, Spurs, and Nuggets.  They have easier breaks facing the McGradyless (for better or worse) Rockets and the Amareless (for worse) Suns, ending the whole screwjob with a breather in Sacramento. Gooooooooo CIRCUS!!!

For a little bit history, the Circus Road Trip sucks. During the post-Jordan era, the Bulls best result on the trip was 3-3 in 2005. Damn-near every other trip kills the Bulls season before it can begin, fighting an uphill battle to get back to respectability. At its worst, the Bulls lost 37 straight games on this trip – spanning a period of five seasons. In contrast, the largest winning streak they posted in the post-Jordan era was three wins in the aforementioned 2005 trip.  In total the Bulls are 9-63 in this era.

Yet, that was the post-Jordan era.  A new dawn has dawned, an old era has era’d, and now we have entered the Age of Rose. The Bulls happen to be 0-0 in this new age, and I expect that loss column to stay rather low. Chicago cannot afford to start off the season digging themselves in a hole and have to rely on a hot streak to get them back into the East’s elite.  That hot streak should shoot them right to the top (if they are not already there). The Age of Rose must realize anywhere below the top four in the East at any point of the season is no longer acceptable. It is not NB’s hope that this is the new reality of the Chicago Bulls, rather an expectation.

Terrible’s Casino odds for the Bulls to win the 2010 NBA Championship: 18-1

Ed. Note: Being the best odds I have seen for the Bulls since my investigation started a month ago, your dear editor placed his hard earned cash on this bet today.

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One Response to I Sure Could Use a Vacation From This Bulls*#t Three-Ring Circus Sideshow

  1. goodluckjanine says:

    That clown looks like he is trying to frown. He is now slowly coming around to a smile after reading your article. Great job on giving hope to the AoR clown, he will now stay out of your nightmares.

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