West, the New North & South

With NBA Schedule Fever™ kicking off two days ago, many were blinded by the euphoria this time of year brings and have been in a post-fever stupor ever since.  During the joyous celebration, a small story slipped through the cracks that may result in the Bulls rounding out their roster.  Just when you thought it was safe to ignore it, 12th Man Insanity™ is back!

On August 3rd, while all of us were having our NBA teaser-schedule parties, Delonte West was released from the Minnesota Timberwolves (two words combined for one word, one meaning, ahhh).  What does Bag-O-Crazy West mean in regards to 12th Man Insanity™?  Gather around and I shall tell ye.  Mother f*@#ing West just happens to be the type of player the Bulls are looking for to fill out their roster… on the court.  West can hit the three and defend well, two assets that would fit seemlessly into Tom  Thibodeau’s system. Off the court, Batty West leaves very little to desire from a basketball organization’s point of view.  From an Oregon State Hospital Psychiatric Ward’s point of view, this dude is a lights out all-star.

Delonte West has been diagnosed as a bi-polar three point shooting specialist (I may have combined two facts there).  He is also a firearms specialist and just an all around victim of bad circumstance (like having a cardinal direction in his name and being bi-polar).  His recent foray with the law has landed him on double secret probation.  However, the law has a soft spot for anyone who is really good at seemingly meaningless tasks (like draining threes), leading to the law’s decision that he can practice and play at home as well as on the road.  And ladies, I hear he is available!

With that, No Bulljive is releasing our first (and possibly last) 12th Man Ranker!!!

  1. Rudy Fernandez – he brings exciting potential
  2. Tracy McGrady – if he can find any of his past form, he could be explosive
  3. Delonte West – this one is mostly based in crazy entertaining possibilities
  4. Keith Bogans – safe & boring
  5. Roger Mason – safe & boring, but was originally drafted by Jerry Krause, so he gets docked points

8/5/10 – Roger Mason has signed for the Knicks. Mason garnered fame earlier today when he was named the fifth best free agent option for the Chicago Bulls.

8/6/10 – No Bulljive #1 choice for the coveted 12th man spot, Rudy Fernandez, is rumored to be traded for forward James Johnson and a draft pick (going down on Monday for whatever reason).  This move would make Rudy an 11th man and leave open the 12th man spot.  Where does the insanity end?

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Just another hard working member of the press, covering the Chicago Bulls and nonsense - often both, simultaneously.
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3 Responses to West, the New North & South

  1. goodluckjanine says:

    I have a feeling Delonte and Noah will not get along, this could lead to some bad news. I am still voting for Rudy!

  2. Judas Pato says:

    Who knows, maybe some reefer will calm the man down.

  3. joelseppi says:

    Guys, have you SEEN Derrick Rose’s mom? One word, do-able.

    Things could get rocky.

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