Stardust And More In Salt Lake!

As next week will see Mr. Hatesyou a temporary resident of the sodium chloride city, it brings upon me an overwhelming sense of joy to realize just how well the 10-11 Bulls stack up to the 09-10 Utah Jazz, a team that featured Boozer, Brewer and Korver, who compose 60% of the Bulls news worthy free agent signings this offseason. That team won 53 games and finished first in the Northwest. It’s common knowledge the Bulls are going to win at least 56 this year, but if you break down the two teams player by player, you can almost feel the sweat beads forming on the collective brow of the 95-96 team! The hundred some million the Bulls are dedicating to these three could be money well spent, maybe even more-so than the 30 pieces of silver the Heat are paying some asshole from Cleveland (subtle, I know). Even though it won’t seem like “the World Trade is coming down again” if the Bulls lose three in row this year, when they win 60, it’ll at least seem like the Stardust is coming down, and that is FUCKING AWESOME (video evidence below) cause that’s how the Bulls roll!!

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