Can You Hear the Drums Fernandez?

With McGrady being banished from Bulls 12th man talk, the band has struck up to welcome in a new (or old, depending on the use of the word) slew of names. Exciting fringe players like Keith Bogans, Roger Mason, and Eddie House (who I thought was extinct) are being mentioned as possibilities. Then there is the dubious trade possibility involving the wily Rudy Fernandez. The three free agents can largely be lumped in as the same player. Eddie House is four inches smaller than the other two, but shoots a better three. Bogans prefers hamburgers, while House and Mason like hotdogs. Mason hates ketchup on his dog, House will consider it. How do you choose? With a team that is still lacking three point shooters (upgrading from zero to one from last season), logic says the hotdog-loving, ketchup-considering Eddie House.

So god damn suave!

Then there is crazy Spaniard, Rudy Fernandez. I was at a Trail Blazers (I can not ex cept this lack of em bracing the com pound word!) game two seasons ago. And when this little rookie (he is 6’6”, but he looked small, maybe because he was white?) came on the court the crowd went nuts. At that moment a husband of an aquaintence (Check it out, its a legit source. He had season tickets!) leaned over and said, “We love this guy!” R. Fernandez had quite the run in Spain and came to the City of Roses with much hype. Soon after coming on the court, the little Majorcan ran all over the floor like that annoying undersized kid who plays pickup basketball. He hit some shots, the crowd went nuts. He stole the ball, the crowd loved him even more.

Then a curious set of circumstances happened last season. All-star shooting guard Brandon Roy went out with an injury and Mr. Fernandez started in his place. Oddly enough, the Paradise Island native was not all-star Brandon Roy. In the lead role, Rodolfo failed to deliver the goods. As tends to happen when you do not live up to your hype, parties become disinterested and disgruntled. Now young Rudy is seemingly available for a trade.

The 12th man on a roster is not expected to do a whole hell of a lot. (Hell, if Ömer Aşık is the 11th man, there should be little to no pressure on Mr. 12th.) Instead on settling on Keddie Magons, why not roll the dice on a player who enjoyed a very successful stretch in Spain, only to get knocked down in his first major test? His name starts with the same letter and contains the same number of syllables as a certain other modern day hero who was knocked down at first, only to get back up and kick some ass! I mean! (They both work.)

South Point Casino odds for the Bulls to win the 2010 NBA Championship: 12-1

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2 Responses to Can You Hear the Drums Fernandez?

  1. goodluckjanine says:

    I vote for Rudy, the Bulls need a little eye candy on the court.

  2. Judas Pato says:

    Eddie House is dead… as far as the Bulls are concerned. Eddie House signed for a team called the Heat (what a shitty name). I have never heard of them. They are most likely an expansion team.

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