Free Agency Non-Report From The Not Front Lines

With Tracy McGrady all but having signed his name in blood on a contract with the Bulls(ESPN, Comcast, Sports Illustrated and Yahoo Sports ALL confirm this), I hail the move as pure genius! This veteran scorer will undoubtedly provide the scoring punch off the bench the Bulls so desperately need. He’ll undoubtedly be a perfect complement to Derrick Rose on the floor for a good 20 minutes a game. To boot, Rose has already admitted that he would look forward to playing with McGrady, who was his favorite player as a child. The genius of Pax and Gar(herewith referred to as Gohn Paxmon) to ice the cake of this 2010 Bulls roster with McGrady will probably go down as the front-office move of the year when McGrady’s much needed offensive punch shows up in the post season, and it will show up, because as we all know, McGrady tries in the playoffs.


ESPN reports that Tracy McGrady will not be signed by the Bulls, as they are “not convinced” that he’s a good fit. This is an unbelievably wise choice by Gohn Paxmon to lay off on this one. This broken down old has-been couldn’t possibly contribute anything to a completely fortified Bulls roster. The money that would have been paid to McGrady this year can now be devoted to much better causes, like parades for free agents next year. Or even signing Pops Mensah-Bonshu, who is currently without a team.

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One Response to Free Agency Non-Report From The Not Front Lines

  1. Joelseppi says:

    i watched this a couple days ago. a re-mix of this w/”Practice?” would make my face explode. i think they said they weren’t convinced that he’d take a back-up roll. when he’s raking 30 a game for the Bobcats and puffin’ his chest out during a press conf. titled, “I did”, we’ll have egg on our faces.

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