Hot Nights in Vegas

Tonight (I am not counting that “after midnight is morning” bullshit) Derrick Rose flashed his flash at the Thomas & Mack Center in beautiful Las Vegas (actually it was in Paradise, but we won’t split hairs).

After going 7-15 from the three point line during warm-ups, Rose started the game for the White Team along good friend Kevin Durant (who went on to steal the show). The game largely consisted of timid offense and an unwillingness to play defense. This was all to be expected in an exhibition of friends playing against pals.  Rose looked as solid as he could, given the situation explained above.  All of this leads me to ask the question, is this worth Rose’s while? (We are assuming here that the international crown they are warming up for means as little to them than it does to us.)

Leading up to this game, I kept hearing of how Rose was learning from fellow US teammates and benefiting from US coaching advice (especially Coach K).  Yet, watching the game and witnessing the half-assed style of play, led me to think that this whole show may be a waste of time. If this is as hard as these gentlemen play during a scrimmage, what fraction of a percentage do they put into practices? Also, there is the age old question in all of sports of whether it is better to rest an athlete or keep him primed. The general reasoning usually points to resting trumping constant conditioning.

In my humble opinion, this constant (if underwhelming) conditioning is well worth its while, especially with a younger player like Rose.  While so many of the new free agent signings are staying at home counting dollars, Rose is looking to tweak his game to its fullest extent.  Sharing knowledge and picking up even the slightest ideas and moves has to improve a Rose who is always looking to humbly fine tune any aspect of his game. And finely tuning a game is probably a stronger option than buying mansions in the Miami area.

Terrible’s Casino odds for the Chicago Bulls winning th e 2010 NBA Championship: 16-1

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