T-Mac Attack!

Lego McGrady bringing his game to Orlando, circa 2000

Lego McGrady bringing his game to Orlando, circa 2000

Auburndale High School grad, Tracy McGrady is on the market again. This go around does not entail Krause leading a parade to meet him at the airport (How did that not work? Who doesn’t like parades?). However, that does not mean that the Bulls are completely uninterested. The Bulls are on a short list of teams that McGrady is said to be considering. And why wouldn’t he be? NBA Law deems it necessary for the Bulls to be in the mix anytime the the former Raptor star is on the move, via draft, free agency, or trade. Is this the magical moment when the stars align and McGrady finally becomes a Chicago Bull? With the Bulls building a team that can compete in the East is McGrady the right fit?

With McGrady the Bulls would be getting a proven scorer who can scorch defenses… 5-10 years ago. The T-Mac of today is assembled of largely bailing wire and duct tape, from what I gather. And he does not really care for defense. And he is a proven disappointment in the playoffs. Yet, he does bring a post-game press conference like nobody’s business. Seeing on how the Bulls are expected to make a push in the playoffs under a defensive coach, the McGrady rumors seem to have little weight. That is, until you consider another story that is buzzing around the NBA.

After signing a contract for the woeful New Orleans Hornets and learning that they are woeful indeed, Chris Paul is looking to change locale. While scratching his head and reminiscing about throwing alley-oops to Tyson Chandler, Paul said that he wants to pair up with another star or two and be like that disease in Miami. How does this relate to McGrady and the Bulls? According to No Bulljive contributor, DJ HatesYou, the Bulls might sign McGrady in order to lure Chris Paul to Chicago. With T-Mac on the team, the Bulls could send Paul tapes of when McGrady was lighting up the league as proof of Chicago’s star power. Tapes depicting a time when McGrady used to go up for dunks and you were not afraid of some super glue coming lose and watching him fall apart, may just be the ticket for Paul coming to Chicago. With Paul on the Bulls, Chicago can finally run the much controversial double-gun point guard formation that other teams whisper about in stadium tunnels and team buses.

Do the Bulls have the gall to run the double-gun point guard formation? No, one can only dream. Are the Bulls going to sign parade-hating McGrady? Only in an alternate 2000 universe, and even then, you would need an alternate universe Jerry Krause.

Mandalay Bay Casino odds for Bulls to be 2011 NBA Champions: 10-1

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4 Responses to T-Mac Attack!

  1. goodluckjanine says:

    Well written. Can not wait to read more!

  2. Joelseppi says:

    Paul Ball would bring joy to Chicago as the alignment of the 2 point gaurds would resemble the T-Formation. This would bring cross-over Bear fans (cross-over being a very opportune term) and would ensure that the Bulls would only lose to Miami on a Monday night, but would win the championship with Miami losing in the playoffs to New England/Boston. This is hardly a leap of faith as I’m sure you have already jumped to the comparisons between T-Mac and Speedy Willie Gault, who have both been dubbed “smooth as a chocolate swirl”.

  3. Judas Pato says:

    T-Mac worked out with the Bulls today. I still think he is headed to the Clippers. He is their kind of disaster.

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